Girl Guides and COVID-19

Updated 2 February 2020

COVIDsafe NSW: Changes to QR Code Check-ins
The Service NSW app is mandatory for check-ins from 01 January 2021. This includes all Guide Leaders, Parent Helpers and Guides Attending Unit Meetings, Contractors, Cleaners etc. Any person who enters the Hall at anytime for any reason must check-in for COVID tracing purposes.

To obtain a Service NSW QR Code for your Guiding Venue, please forward your COVID-19 Safety plan via email to Guide House will then set up the Service NSW QR Code for you. 

Many Girl Guide Districts are returning to halls for a new year of Guiding. Returning to face-to-face Guiding activities is a choice. If a Leader, a volunteer, or the girls and families in Units are not comfortable in moving back to face-to-face meetings just yet, decisions should be made about how Units and Districts are going to continue to provide opportunities for Guiding to continue.

Returning to Face-to-Face Guiding Safely

Districts have good COVID-19 safety processes in place. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT has made the decision to have a blanket rule to support the health and safety of everyone. All Girl Guide activities need to adhere to state/territory rules on our website regarding capacity and our Units are to avoid shared cooking with girls and avoid shared catering (unless individually packaged).

Alternatives to Face-to-Face Guiding

  • Guides can continue to meet and benefit from the program, online, and with other alternative deliveries
  • Association wide events (state events) are under constant review to ensure there are in person and virtual options for Guides to enjoy
  • Guides@Home is a place where girls and young women can take part in a wide range of fun activities and adventures, sampled from our dynamic and flexible non–formal educational program, online.

Returning to Face-to-Face Guiding Downloads

Returning to Face-to-Face Guiding Indoor Activities & Meetings

As the virus is airborn it is more likely to spread in an enclosed space. It is for this reason that the 1.5 metre rule and 4 meter square capacity rule is in place in NSW & ACT. NT has relaxed laws around this but the government is still recommending the 1.5 metre rule. Leaders are asked to do their best to keep girls from touching each other and their faces but of course this is challenging so please know we know that everyone can only do their best. Encouraging everyone present to wash or sanitize their hands at meetings and activities on arrival and departure, and after the bathroom or using shared facilities and equipment is important and the best way to manage things when keeping them 1.5 metres apart is difficult. If we have no rule around this then there is more likelihood for relaxed personal hygiene across the board which isn’t safe at this time. We need to communicate the 1.5 metre rule, though being practical and safe and hygienic are the most important things.

Returning to Face-to-Face Guiding Outdoor Activities

The recommendation is that you aim to keep girls apart wherever possible and to ensure adults and girls wash or sanitize their hands on arrival and departure, and anytime they use the bathroom or shared facilities and equipment. Following the Golden Rules for personal hygiene for Guides and Leaders is important. Physical contact is allowed for planned outdoor activities in all of our states & territories. For example a wide game, hike or campfire. However you do need a COVID Safety plan  in your pre-activity Risk Assessments that include the above hygiene actions.

Returning to Face-to-Face Guiding Overnight Camps or Stays

At the last Member Management Committee Meeting and with consideration to Government restrictions, a decision was made to make a move to return to camping. This is truly exciting for us all. Of course, we need to be mindful of COVID, and there is the necessity for camping to take place in a different way to ensure that the risks are greatly reduced. Guide Leaders work with Region Outdoor Activity Consultants to make sure that every camping experience meets COVIDsafe requirements of each state and territory. 

Hall Hiring

Government COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, ACT & NT are gradually lifting, enabling us to get back into Community Centres / Guide Halls. Restrictions vary from State to State / Territory. To help we have outlined some of the most relevant information to make it easier to understand. Please refer to the Guide Hall and Community Centre Guidelines for Members and Hirers infographic.


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