Youth Members Award and Recognition System

There are many different badges and awards that Girl Guides can work towards in completing the challenges in the Girl Recognition System.

The Girl Recognition System starts with girls designing their own challenges from a syllabus  of choices and works towards the development of personalised challenges.

Some awards allow you to set your own personal challenges. Others require you to reach a certain skill level and can be cross-credited to external qualifications e.g. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, St John First Aid or Royal Life Saving Society. 

Most challenges can be done by yourself or with your Patrol or Unit. The peak award for Girl Guides in Australia is the Queen’s Guide Award. 

The Queen’s Guide Award provides Girl Guides with an opportunity for extraordinary personal development and greater self-awareness. The Queen’s Guide Award is recognised in the education system around Australia and some Universities throughout NSW will consider the meritorious value of the Queen’s Guide Award when applying to study.

Award Information

To find out more information on each award, please click on the image below representing the award you are interested in learning more.

Pictured below are three pages from a picture book authored by 2018 Queen’s Guide Shannon O’Brien. Shannon’s project extolls the virtues of Guiding and will be used as the inspiration for a Queen’s Guide Award awareness campaign commencing in 2019.

Other Awards
Refer to Guide Handbooks 1 through 5, the Leader's Handbook, Aim High, Look Wide and Look Wider Still for specific badge and award information.


BP & JBP Award Resources 

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