There's a Girl Guide property near you and it may just be for hire

Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT owns a range of properties that are available for hire—not just Guide Halls and camp grounds (though we do have terrific Halls and some pretty spectacular camp grounds) but also properties suitable for water activities and alpine adventure!

Weddings, Conferences, Functions and Adventure

Alpine Adventures


Boating and more, for Members

RTS Tingira


Across NSW and the ACT we have a range of camping grounds, many with all the mod cons: indoor accommodation, showers and electricity. Whether you're a fan of camping or glamping, we have you covered! We have hire options are available for large and small groups. If you're looking for a camping ground near you for future use, see our Region properties .

Birthday Parties, Dance Classes, Yoga Groups and More...

Thoughout NSW, ACT and the NT there may be a hall that you can hire. Should you have any additional enquiries please contact your Unit Leaders or our Properties Department on 02 8396 5200 or via email to enquire.

For our Cancellation Policy  please click here.

For all Property Management, Licence Agreement, and compliance enquiries please email [email protected]

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